Grant Dean:  Grant has been with lazersounz for over 7 years. I trained Him. He has done a great Job and I get a lot of good feed back.

so If you are having a party, 21st, Wedding, Or a school/College Function. He is one Dj you will want to have at your next Function. He is a great asset to Lazersounz.

BACKGROUND ON LAZERSOUNZ: As my family were very musically orientated I became interested in music at a very early age. I played with my father’s record collection all the time and made up my own radio shows and recordings. Through my schooling years I took part in a lot of school productions and plays. When I was 15 years old, I joined the local Rock’n’Roll Club. I enjoyed the music & the dances that were held every weekend. This also involved teaching and choreographing for schools and the local Preforming Arts Centre. I would travel all over the North Island to attend them, meeting many of the friends. This is where I had my first introduction to DJ work.

The DJ’s that played at the Rock’n’Roll dances were professional DJ’s & it wasn’t long before I was hanging around with them to learn all there is to know about this trade. I started working for Bruce Nichol, Roadshow Productions & Brent Perry, Radio broadcaster, both of which are big names in the industry organising national radio & international concerts throughout

New Zealand.

DJ CAREER: In 1986 I started my own business, doing discos in the Horowhenua area where I reside. I was doing parties for friends & family. Word of mouth spread & I found my part time job doing discos was becoming a full time job. Within 3-4 years I was working full time, doing discos for weddings, 21st’s, School Balls & fundraisers, corporate functions, working in pubs & clubs, birthday parties as well as Christmas & New Year Functions. I soon realised that my part time hobby, had become a business. “Lazersounz” was born.

Brent & Bruce taught me about DJ work as well as people skill, working in the entertainment industry doing roadwork for concerts & PA set ups for corporate events. They also taught me about the types of equipment used & how important it is to have the right set up for each & every event.

They thought I was a natural & had me working all types of functions from Weddings to corporate events, 21st’s to major sporting occasions. I worked at The Michael Fowler Centre, & Westpac Trust Harbour Cruises as well as pubs & clubs. So there was a variety of work that they trusted me to do, to be able to service the client’s requirements.

It was then that I met Terry Watt. He was a professional DJ working full time at 2XX & 95FM radio stations. We became good friends, he taught me more about the DJ industry, as he had worked professionally in London & then back here in New Zealand. He started to work with me, on a part time basis as well as working for Bruce at Roadshow Productions. I got more involved with my DJ work & also community work with my involvement with Terry & the radio stations.

SERVICES: This is how it all started & as a hobby that has grown into a successful business covering not only just local events, we now cover events all over New Zealand. Lazersounz disco has now been in business for 25 years. It has grown from; a one-man band to now employing staff. I have fully trained professional DJ’s, working for Lazersounz doing all manners of jobs from DJ work to setting up PA & Sound systems for a number of different occasions, All over New Zealand. We are based in the Manawatu/Horowhenua Area, We do travel. If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Its your special event, We want you to have the best. We have pride in Lazersounz, to do the Best we can EVERY TIME!